MultiPaint PRO Manual

What is it?

MultiPaint allows multiple people to draw together on the same digital whiteboard or screen. Connect multiple input devices like mice or tablets for each user, and start drawing together on the same computer. MultiPaint enables live input and interaction from all participants; each user is present as a drawing cursos on the same screen or digital whiteboard. You can use it as multi user interactive whiteboard, a collaboration tool etc.

Some of the main benefits of working with MultiPaint

Getting started

Attaching additional mice and keyboards to your computer

Our software is designed to make use of additional hardware devices like mice and keyboards. Laptops already have a keyboard and a mouse trackpad built in. If you have got one or more extra mice and keyboards (who hasn't got an extra mouse lying around these days) you can simply plug these into the USB port of your computer. Windows will install the necessary software to make use of the extra devices. You cannot, however, make use of them independently. This is where DicoLab software comes to the rescue. Our software allows you to make use of the extra devices independently of each other. Just startup the programs and any extra USB input device that is attached will be recognized automatically.

If you have more devices than USB ports on your computer you can use a USB hub to create extra USB ports. A USB hub is a device that expands a single USB port into several so that there are more ports available to connect devices to a host system.

When you start the application, you get a blank page. To get started click on the button 'File' Once you have clicked the 'File-button', you have several options.

When you start a new session, you can choose the size of your screen, as well as the background color. When clicking on 'OK', you will be lead to a blank page.

Working with MultiPaint

On the right side of you can find these tools to work with.

Open a new tab.
Close current tab.
Create quadrangular shapes.
Create circular shapes.
Use the brush-tool.
Use the eraser to clear things.
Use the floodfill tool to completely fill shapes, backgrounds, etc. * this needs double click to prevent accidental fill of everything
Use the spraycan tool to do a spickled airbrush
Use the stamp-tool.
Use the pencil-tool.
Clears all progress made. * this needs double click to prevent accidental deletion

Changing the pencil-size: The pencil-size can be easily changed by selecting the wanted size in the panel. Changing the pencil-color: The pencil-color can be easily changed by selecting the wanted color in the panel.

Using the stamp tool

The stamp tool is a particular handy feature where you can draw a small sketch in the sketch-area. This will be your multi-color brush when you select the stamp tool.

Use cases

MultiPaint could be used in the following cases

Runs on every Windows PC, with many mice or tablets connected- generic and versatile.